Miniatures rules for naval combat during the
Age of the Battleship, 1880-1945

Tired of checking off damage boxes and flotation points? Looking for a detailed and realistic tabletop simulation that is as exciting and unpredictable as naval warfare really was?

Then sound "Battle Stations!" and "All ahead flank!" for the most realistic simulation of naval surface combat ever designed for miniatures. Whether you're the captain of the ship or the admiral in command of a battle division, you'll experience naval wargaming like never before. With an innovative damage system, a new command system and comprehensive individual ship logs, SEEKRIEG 5 delivers an astounding amount of real-life detail in a playable system covering the entire 1880-1945 era in a single volume. SEEKRIEG 5 is naval warfare in the age of the battleship and offers a chance to experience it just as if you were there. Whether your combat situation involves surface warships, air operations, merchant vessels or submarines, SEEKRIEG 5 is sure to become a favorite among veteran naval wargamers and newcomers alike.

SEEKRIEG 5 Rules for Naval Wargames 1880-1945  
"SEEKRIEG 5, an excellent blend of the best of the past and the best of the present, represents a high water mark perhaps even 'high tide' in naval wargaming."
[Bill Jurens]

  • 118-page rulebook and 90 pages of data tables covering weather, torpedo, radar and aircraft data covering the entire 1880-1945 era. (Foreword by Bill Jurens and Nathan Okun)
  • 40 pages of game charts printed in color on heavy card stock
  • 30-page Damage Effects book for truly realistic combat results
  • A sheet of color game markers (uncut)
  • A sheet of movement and turn rulers (uncut)
  • CD-ROM containing ship logs and other game aids in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
  • 14 different historical and hypothetical scenarios covering from Yalu (1894) to Komandorski Islands (1943) and containing Order of Battle sheets, maps and over 450 individual Ship Logs
  • Over 600 different Ship Logs for merchant vessels
  • Air Operations Log forms for air and carrier operations
  • Flag Command Log forms for 26 different countries
  • Movement rulers, markers and other game aids (re-printable as needed)

SEEKRIEG 5 comes shrink-wrapped (un-boxed). All components are loose-leaf and 3-hole punched for storage in a standard ring binder ...$79.00

SEEKRIEG 5 is available at the SEAWARSTORE.COM and other local and online dealers.

NOTE: Personal computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher and printer capable of 300dpi resolution (600dpi color printer recommended) is needed to print contents of the CD-ROM. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free from the Adobe web site.