SEEKRIEG 5 Resource Page

This page contains links to files and information useful to owners of SEEKRIEG 5 and anyone else considering moving up to the next generation of naval miniatures rules. Be sure to click NEXT at the bottom of the page for more files and information

What is SEEKRIEG 5?
(955 Kb) A detailed description of the SEEKRIEG 5 system.

Current version of the SEEKRIEG 5 errata file
(134 Kb) Dated June 2010.

Updates to SEEKRIEG 5 CHARTS L1-4 and T5
(2555 Kb) Dated June 2010.

(837 Kb) Dated 9-10-2005. An alternative version of the hit probability charts in SEEKRIEG 5.

Rules Addendum
(161 Kb) Dated 2-06-2005. Contains some additional rules including flooding of multiple machinery spaces and an explanation of the fuel consumption charts.

Index of ship logs
(158 Kb) Dated 10-09-2004. Contains an index (by country/ship type) of all the ship logs included on the CD-ROM that comes with SEEKRIEG 5.

Rulebook TOC and list of game charts
(322 Kb) Dated 03-18-2004. Includes the table of contents listing from the SEEKRIEG 5 Rulebook and a list of the charts included in the game.

Sample Ship Logs
(506 Kb) Dated 01-04-2004. A low-res sample of two SEEKRIEG 5 ship logs.

Game Turn Sequence & Bridge Commands
(592 Kb) Dated 06-28-2004. Contains a description of the game turn phases and a list of the Bridge Commands (orders available to players commanding a ship).

Additional & Humorous Flag Commands
(117 Kb) Dated 10-10-2004. The gents in our discussion group suggested a number of flag commands that are "missing" from SEEKRIEG 5.

Spine graphic for ring binders
(1314 Kb) Dated 05-08-2004. A high-res JPG format graphic that can be printed and inserted in the spine of a view-binder.

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