SEEKRIEG 4 Information

SEEKRIEG 4 Naval Wargame Rules 1880-1945
Fourth Edition

The fourth edition of SEEKRIEG was published in 1981 as a comprehensive set of naval wargame rules covering the era 1880 through 1945. Previous editions were somewhat limited in distribution but SEEKRIEG 4 quickly became one of the most popular naval wargame rules and was nominated for the H. G. Wells Award for best miniatures rules in 1982.

The basic game contained data for nearly all major warships of the period and the Ship Data Volume II supplement provided data for ships as they were refitted and modernized in the years prior to and during World War Two.Every effort was made to make the game as realistic as possible and still remain playable. Although there are many charts and tables included, not all of them are necessary for a particular battle and once you become familiar with the basic system, even fairly large tactical actions such as Tsushima or Dogger Bank can be played to completion in five to eight hours. SEEKRIEG also was designed to accommodate all of the popular scales of ship models including 1:1200, 1:2400 and 1:3000 and to allow for games to be played in a limited playing area or tabletop.

The fourth edition has been out of print for a number of years, making it difficult for anyone interested in trying SEEKRIEG to locate and purchase a copy. However, in light of the fact that we had already begun development of SEEKRIEG 5, it did not make sense to go ahead with another printing of SEEKRIEG 4, especially since there are still many similarities between the structure and play of the two editions. In addition, during the development of SEEKRIEG 5, it became apparent that the new system, while still retaining much of the flavor of the earlier editions, would require that the charts and ship data be completely revised. This has been a massive undertaking, especially in light of the expanded and more detailed ship data. Consequently, we decided to make the components of SEEKRIEG 4 (Rulebook, Charts and Ship Data Volume 1) available via the internet as a free download from our web site so that those individuals that were unable to locate a copy would still have the opportunity to try the rules.

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