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SEEKRIEG 4 is Copyright 1981 Richard R. Sartore. Permission is granted by the author to download and print these files for personal use only. Printing and/or distributing these files for sale or profit by any means is expressly forbidden.

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SEEKRIEG 4 Ship Log Forms
(511 Kb) Three different blank ship log forms - large ship, small ship and aircraft carrier.

(116 Kb) An optional game chart that permits critical damage to be applied to non-penetrating hits.

SEEKRIEG 4 Quick-ref Charts
(1193 Kb) A selection of the most frequently used game charts combined so that games can be played with a minimum of chart flipping and lookup. CHARTS included are H2, H3, I1, R1, R2, G1-4, U3, N1, N4, N5, U2, U4, and T1-7.

SEEKRIEG 4 Ship Logs
(894 Kb) Pre-formatted printable Ship Log Sheets in PDF format for 469 ship classes, including most countries down to cruisers and some to destroyers as well.

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