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June 2010
Save The Ships!
SOS - The pre-dreadnought era cruiser USS OLYMPIA needs your help! Please help support the organizations dedicated to preserving historic warships.

June 2010
Please come join us for a full slate of SEEKRIEG 5 events
at HURRICON (September 23-26) in beautiful Orlando, Florida.

June 2010
SEEKRIEG 5 Errata File Update!
The latest version of the SEEKRIEG 5 errata file and updates to CHARTS L1-4 and T5 are now available at the SEEKRIEG 5 Resource Page.

March 2009
Revised Ship Logs!
Downloadable PDF files of revised versions of the ship logs published on the SEEKRIEG 5 Ship Log CD Sets are now available on our Ship Log Edits Page.

February 2009
Italian Ship Logs Released!
The long-awaited SK5 Ship Log CD set for the Italian Navy 1880-1945 is now available. Please check with your local retailer or check the SEAWARSTORE web site for pre-ordering information.

November 2008
SEEKRIEG 5 products price increase
On January 1, 2009, the price for SEEKRIEG 5 and the Ship Log CD sets will increase from the current $69.00 and $21.00 prices. These prices have been in effect for over four years but due to ever-increasing production costs we must now make the necessary adjustments to our retail pricing.

April 2007
Dutch ship logs for JAVA SEA!
Since the CD containing the ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy will not be released until later this year, we've decided to post the ship logs for the JAVA, DE RUYTER, KORTENAER and WITTE DE WITH to our Ship Log Edits Page.

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