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This site is maintained by the authors of SEEKRIEG and is intended as a resource for those of us interested in naval warfare who, in this life, have never had the opportunity to shout "open fire" from the bridge of a warship as it plunges through a wind-whipped sea to engage the enemy.

Whether you are fascinated by the lumbering old pre-dreadnought warships of 1880-1906, the majestic dreadnought battlefleets of the early Twentieth Century, the fast carrier task forces of World War Two or anything in-between, we hope you will find some interesting and useful information here. Regardless of your level of interest in SEEKRIEG, historical simulations, naval miniatures wargaming or naval history in general, please enjoy your stay aboard and come back soon.

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Last updated August 3, 2011. The SEEKRIEG website is currently undergoing a complete overhaul and will be leaving the shipyard later this month.

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More information about SEEKRIEG 5 Naval Warfare 1880-1945
The latest in realistic naval wargames
Naval Warfare 1880-1945. Three exciting eras of naval history, one set of naval wargame rules! Thrill to tabletop miniatures combat like you've never experienced before. SEEKRIEG 5 is naval wargaming at its finest and covers the entire 1880-1945 era - The Age of the Battleship.

More information about SEEKRIEG Ship Logs on CD-ROM 1880-1945
Ship logs at your fingertips
Every navy...every ship! The ship log CDs are our answer to the age old dilemma of having to fill out forms before you can play a game. The entire series is scheduled for release between October 2004 and 2009.

More information about SEEKRIEG 4 Naval Wargame Rules 1880-1945
The original detailed naval miniatures wargame
The fourth edition of SEEKRIEG was published in 1981 as a comprehensive set of naval wargame rules covering the era 1880 through 1945. Now you can downoald it for free!